Some things you should know about Brett Perkins Band before you read too much further: Ben is somewhat of a genius who does long division in his mind. Yes … long division … without a calculator. He is also a freak at all things water sports. Jordan is a seasonal fisherman who holds the record for the biggest fish caught at Perkins’ Pond in Greenfield, TN – Brett’s homestead. He is also a self-proclaimed Mexican food connoisseur. Daniel’s current pictures still get mixed up with his toddler pics. His age is a mystery. But he is a great DJ on road trips since he has the widest variety of genres – everything from Ray Charles to Pearl Jam to Taylor Swift – so the guys keep him around. Andrew is the sports wiz. Ask him any question about any team from any sport in any era. He will either know the answer or find it in due time. Seriously. You should try him. And Brett, full of his own set of quirks, is the ringleader who has to figure out how to rally the troops and provide some sort of structure to the group. It’s an interesting dynamic to say the least!

So how did they all meet? Brett came to Union University to play baseball, but after a revelation of sorts, he shifted his focus to leading worship and serving at Englewood Baptist Church in Jackson, Tennessee. After a season of volunteering, he became the worship leader for the youth ministry. The youth ministry immediately expressed a desire for a full band made up of college volunteers. So he started his search. Over the course of about a year and a half he developed the band of brothers that is the Brett Perkins Band today.

For over two years now, they have been the worship leaders for Englewood’s youth ministry, while also serving as the worship team for Union University’s chapel program. They have recently joined Lifeway’s Centrifuge team where they will lead at Shalimar Retreat Center in Panama City Beach, FL (‘14) and Belmont University in Nashville, TN (‘15).

Basically, the Brett Perkins Band is made up of some very normal guys who act like brothers and love to sing about Jesus with anyone who is willing to sing with them. If you’d like to book the Brett Perkins Band for any upcoming event, click the following link:

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